Wednesday, May 23, 2012

nyc (sweet tooth)

If you don't know already, I will tell you now. I have quite the sweet tooth. So you can imagine my giddy when we stumbled in Dylan's Candy Bar after a busy rainy day of tourist-ing NYC.
Fun fact: Daughter of Ralf Lauren is Dylan, the owner.
I filled my can with an assortment of candy and then an additional bag of gummies. THEY HAD AN ENTIRE WALL OF GUMMY CANDY!!!Crikey. I could barely contain myself. To me, gummies need their own bag. I love gummy candy. Gummy worms, bears, whales, letters, soldiers-they had it all. (The gummy whales are my fav by the way.) Lee thought it was hilarious and didn't hesitate to roll his eyes at my candy hoarding. We didn't have much time before they closed so I scooped fast. And don't you know it, Lee's laughing self had to take record of my childlike self I become around a candy store?
Look how serious I am filling my tin can:

My The gummy wall:

Happy girl:

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