Tuesday, May 22, 2012

nyc (the hotel)

For starters about our trip...our choice of hotel was a surprise.

Funny how things work out and for the best. I'm a very settle in and unpack kinda girl where Lee is a adventure see more see more kinda guy. This story went very much his way despite all my trip preparing research. I'm so glad it did too.

I very much wanted to stay at a boutique hotel near Times Square in lieu of a Hilton or Marriott type. I fell hard for The Bowery but Lee insisted we search closer to Times Square and find a better price. I compromised and decided on The Paramount after seeing the clean and modern chic rooms on their website. When we checked in we were both excited about the impressive lobby. Very us. BUT we were royally disappointed when we entered our King Deluxe room. Womp womp womp...
The pictures were photo shopped clean on the website, the room was entirely too small for our tall drink of water selves. Just NOT what we had in mind for our NYC experience. I was thoroughly disappointed and of course I instantly blamed Lee for not helping me research. Ha! We vowed to never again reserve a hotel solo for vacation. It will now be a group effort.
I marched my booty downstairs and explained my concerns and asked for upgrade options. I inquired about their Entertainment and Couture suites displayed on their website as they are the only ones displayed. Do you know what they told me?! The suites displayed are only used for Corporate events and fashion shoots. Say what? Crikey. I was dumbfounded and then immediately went into demand mode. I encouraged them to provide keys to the suite that they do have available for purchase so that I can see it before we accept the upgrade for an additional $110 for our 5 nights in NYC! We saw it and it was another womp womp womp. The had simply take an wall and corned off 2 rooms at the end of a hall. No bedroom doors for privacy, still the typical secure hotel doors separating the bedroom from the living room. The bedroom in the suite had a double bed! OMG. Lee and I are a couple of giants. Sharing 5 nights in a double bed on VACATION didn't sound appealing, especially while paying for a suite. Desperately trying to see the positive, I looked out the window to see if our view had been upgraded. View from Times Square? The back of a billboard!!! Womp womp womp.
I irrationally headed back downstairs, handed them the suite key and stated that we will only be spending 1 night at The Paramount and will be checking out the following day. (Obviously, it was too late to cancel our room that night and not pay a fee, etc.)
Our King Deluxe Room at The Paramount:
I had Lee stretch his arms out so you can get a better idea of just how small the rooms were. Note our luggage on the other side of the bed spread out all over the little floor space we had. The closets were too tiny to be called a closet...more like a compartment for a few jackets. The suite seemed to be the same size but appeared larger because of the smaller bed.

After my brisk move to cancel our rooms, I discovered that we were homeless. Little did I know the city was insanely booked for graduations, Obama being in town and the Giants getting their Super Bowl rings at Tiffany's! Yikes.
Thankfully, I remembered my first of 23 picks for our NYC stay and gave them a call. They could only get us for 2 nights but I jumped on it. And I'm so glad I did. It was even more us. I love every detail. From decor to amenities to customer service. We will def be staying there again. 100% guarantee.
King Room at The Bowery:
Obsessed with the large blank pane windows and brass fixtures and exposed pipes...and and and...)

We literally had no other choice but to stay at the Marriott on Times Square the 4th and 5th night. They rocketed the price since everything was booked but at least we weren't homeless. And at least we had a great view of Times Square:

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