Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend deets

I left work early to meet Lee at the house and head North to see our nephew graduate high school. As we were leaving the house I was nerdy excited about our mini road trip. It's nice to have Lee home to go to these types of events with me for a wee little bit. I even said that outloud to him as we merged onto the highway.

Lee and I woke up before 6am to head to his unit. I dropped him off and then slept in my car like a bum until it was time to put my face (makeup) on and go to my FIRST FRG MEETING.
I did it, y'all.
I was nervous as all get out but I did it. After THIS first impression I was leery but I'm glad I went. The entire meeting was about planning the upcoming Family Day event that I didn't care much about since we don't have kids. At the end of the meeting everyone was asked if we had any questions or concerns and that's when the meeting really started for me...If you know me, you know I'm not shy to speak up. I started by saying, "This is my 1st FRG meeting and my 1st deployment...I have several questions that are off topic and have nothing to do with Family Day..." I went on by asking my written down questions one-by-one.
I felt so much better and quickly targeted a couple go-to and very much approachable higher ranked ladies that appeared to be the most warm and welcoming individuals that had already been through several deployments. They even gave me their business cards when I was on my way out the door and told me to call them if I had additional questions, etc. I walked away from the meeting feeling more prepared for this crazy new year of Army wife life.

I met Lee for lunch and then did some shopping to waste time after taking him back to drill. When he called we headed back to his Nana's house to meet his family for dinner at a local Mexican restaraunt to keep the celebratory graduation weekend going.

I slept while Lee went to drill. Cooper and I picked flowers for Nana in the hay meadow. The rest of the day was spent gossiping with Nana and showing Lee's mom everywhere we intend to visit while in NYC.

When Lee finished his drill weekend we headed home finally. I couldn't beleive he had a drill weekend as soon as he got back from training! I was just glad to get this weekend behind us so Lee could get home and be lazy for a minute. We met our buddies, Jacob and Taylor for dinner. Lee of course wanted to go to his favorite burger joint. No surprise there!

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