Thursday, May 24, 2012

nyc (fun things)

Lee and I had a blast in NYC together. It's def become a place we want to frequent. We plan to go back when the 9/11 Memorial Museum is complete. It was really humbling to visit Ground Zero with Lee. Becoming a Solider is a direct effect of how 9/11 impacted him. So holding his hand through the grounds took my breath away.

We did so much and I tried my best to capture it all.
We saw my favorite musical, Chicago. He Had It Com'n is my favorite scene. I wish our community theater would produce it. I would totally audition for the ensemble so I can be in that number.

We saw Wicked. It was my first time to see it and I loved it. Both shows brought tears to my eyes. Broadway totally does that to me every time. I LOVE theater. Obsessed really.

We went to the MET. We both could have spent a lot more time in there so that just gives us all the more reason to return!

Lee drooled a little on Wall Street. That boy is really getting into the whole stock market world.

We took a horse carriage ride through Central Park:

We were on David Letterman:

Shared The Famous Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity3 after dinner, that thing is huge! Note: Don't go there to eat food-food, only dessert. Wasn't impressed with my meal but I devoured dessert. But maybe that's my sweet tooth talking.

More to come tomorrow!

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