Monday, August 20, 2012

case of the mondays

Lee and I had an incredible 4 days together during his pass. We didn't do much because he obviously wanted to be a homebody as much as possible. We did have the friendamily over for dinner Friday night. We munched on a yummy salad, garlic cheesey bread and a 3 meat skettie dinner. Taylor darted to Braum's to fulfill every one's sweet tooth cravings for dessert. It was a good night with lots of laughs.

Taylor and Jacob dropped off a large batch of Lee's favorite chocolate chip cookies before we left the house for the airport. Lee's drop off at the airport was dramatically over dramatic but it's to be expected I guess. Thankfully, Kristie and Nick drove us to the airport so I wouldn't be alone.

Not keen on sharing much else right now but I wanted to check in.

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