Thursday, August 9, 2012

ross finds

Other than a large glass of sweet tea, I scored some great things during my lunch hour yesterday. I had stopped into Ross because it always seemed picked over and I stopped finding stuff BUT there is one nearby my office and I didn't feel like venturing far for lunch so I stepped in Ross to see what they had. Boy was I surprised!
I scored a x-bench for $24.99 + a 10% discount because I told them the fabric on the legs was yucky! I can't wait to reupholster this baby in a yummy fabric and replace these brads with brass ones.
I know I have some red foo dog bookends from Target already but I could resist these glossy babies. They have a lot more detail so I'll prob be sticking the red ones in my decor closet for another placement one day. These look way better than my Target ones and they were only $5.99 each!
I walked by this bird cage and then walked back and stared at it. Kept on walking and then went back to get it. Ridiculous. I just kept seeing it turned into a light fixture with an Edison bulb hanging on a cord in a kid's room or laundry room some day. It's going in my decor closet for now too but for $7.99 I couldn't resist.
And finally, I got this cute chevron pot. I think I'll plant a purple orchid in this $3.99 gem.

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