Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ikea hack

Take note! Do not attempt this in 109+ degree heat.
If you're like me, you don't have a designated air conditioned spray paint room but your childlike behavior when it comes to home decor overpowers all of your senses. I simply can't wait to get home to finish a project so waiting for sundown is crazy talk. 
Although my styling isn't complete, I'm def loving the brass etagere look in the little nook behind the couches in the rear of our living room. You get an iphone pic for now but I hope to get some goodies this weekend to finish the "after" off if all goes as planned.

I'd like to do a collection of apothecary jars on the very top shelf and fill them all with the letters between Lee and I while he was in training when he first joined the National Guard. Snail mail was our only means of communication for months so those letters are pretty special to us both. I've been wanting to do something with them for awhile now and I think this is just the ticket. The top shelf will be somehing like this but with the apothecary jars.
 I love the eclectic styling in the image above.
I'll be adding brighter and lighter colored items to the shelves in my styling to really liven up this dark corner but the trick will be to keep it all cohesive. The framed image in the "after" pic is a drawing my talented MIL did of our current home. It will always be our special first home piece of art. It was displayed on the leaning bookshelf that had been in this nook but the piece is too large for these shelves so I'll be hanging it somewhere else now but haven't decided where just yet. One more image with my iphone super flash:

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Charlie and Stacy said...

Looking good! Was it very hard? I'm not so talented in the painting department.