Thursday, August 30, 2012

top of the mornin' to ya

I'm a cartoon this morning! Instead of pushing snooze, I turned my alarm off and overslept 1.5 hrs! Yes, I did that. Lee called late last night and we talked for a bit but not about anything personal since he was within earshot of a lot of people. There are so many things I want details about over there. I like details. Then Coop wasn't feeling good and woke me up. He was acting like he was going to be sick so we went outside and piddled in the backyard for 30 mins at 4am to avoid the floors in the house in case he did get sick. Coop is OK and mama is was tired obviously.

Back to my morning...before leaving the house I put the lid on my Pepsi and ice. When I did the liquid soaked my shirt like a squirt gun through the nozzle. Really??? (I like cold caffeine in the mornings.)

I got in the car and realized I needed to get gas before I started my journey to work. Boo hiss.

I was getting out of the car at the station and somehow managed to whack my head on the visor. Hard.

I was able to put gas on my company card since I've been running all kinds of errands to prepare for my company's 5th annual charity golf tournament. It's my 5th one to coordinate so it's a cakewalk and I absolutely love it but the printer wasn't working at the pump and I needed a receipt for my expense report. Dang.

Inside I found that only 1 register was working and the line was 8 people I waited. But the girl behind me said she liked my outfit and we became friends. Ha!

Feels like a Monday but it's Friday eve and that's exciting!

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