Thursday, August 2, 2012

hot styling

I had my 6 month teeth clean this morning. Am I the only weirdo that looks forward to getting my teeth cleaned? Seems like I'm at the dentist all the time now too. I was just there last week for my Invisalign checkup. I go every 6 weeks to get 3 new sets of trays. I start a new set every 2 weeks and tray 10 starts before bed tonight. I'll have a total of 27 sets but I can already see and feel a difference in my smile. Woohoo!!!

Here's my swan. She's my $1.99 Salvation Army rescue that I'm currently obsessing over at the moment. I was a nut last night and moved her to the new IKEA HACK and then finally back to where she was originally by the sink. Perfectly place to hide my dish scrubbers. You should have seen me stand, stare and ponder her placement like it were a life altering decision. Do you do this home styling process too?!
A couple of peeps have asked me about the spraying process for the shelves. First of all, the best tip I can tell you is that whenever you spray...Spray with this:
Great $2.98 investment.
Metallic spray seems a lot thicker and makes it easier to get a smooth coat if you ask me. BUT in case you spray too close and get a small runny goop, gently smooth or wipe with your finger. You can then spray over the wipe and it magically disappears.
Worse case scenario and you have a tragic mishap with your spray? Let it dry. Sand the mishap and respray.
Seriously, the hardest thing about this project was following the IKEA instructions and then spraying in the heat. I ended up using a lot more spray than needed because it was so hot. I def should have waited until closer to sundown. But I'm not a very patient person.

Speaking of heat. Look what my car said when I headed home after work yesterday!

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