Friday, August 10, 2012

look 4 less

Woot Woot!
I have been ogling the velvet drapes over at Pottery Barn and even more so when I received an email stating they are on sale today! Still, the length I need is $109 on sale and that's for one panel! Boo hiss.
Then I entered Lowe's during my lunch hour today.
I was zooming through the window treatment aisle on my way to the paint section (You take this detour too, right?) and what do you know?! A fabulous sample velvet-like drape was hanging in the aisle practically BEGGING me to touch it. And I did. And then I grabbed 2 packages to purchase and proceeded to make my way to the paint section.
Totally stoked.
What I love more is that these are blackout drapes at a GREAT price. I'm thinking about going back for more in another color since I'm in love with the texture they're going to add to our space. For those of you wanting to know, they had black, brown, a creamy white, a deep red and then this pewter grey color I snagged.
I'm not going to use the rod pocket though. I'm going to hang them with clip rings so my drapes look more like the Pottery Barn image.

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