Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend deets

After getting a mani/pedi, I stocked up on groceries for Lee's upcoming pass. More than exciting to think he'll be home before the milk expires! I spent some time at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I brought home a couple lovely books to display on the "brass" Ikea hack. There's 3 more that I want on that shelf but 1 of them isn't on the market yet and the other 2 were out of stock so I'm going to order via Amazon.
Finally had Lee's wall collage laminated that I made to hang over his bed in Afghanistan. I ugly cried in front of the FedEx Office employees when I picked it up. Ha! I should have known better because when I dropped it off I got a little teary-eyed. At least I was able to laugh at myself when I got it home.

I had a hair appointment and then went thrifting on Saturday too. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of what I actually took home. I'll take a pic tonight and post tomorrow since I'm blogging from work now...
Here's what I regretfully passed up. I ever so desperately was wishing I had a larger vehicle to stow giant treasures to take home.
This $30 shelving unit is a lot like the one I bought from Ikea and made brass. What a steal this one would be?!
We have a card table but I could always use a backup. I liked this old school one. You know it's stood the test of time and still looks new. However, the thing was way overpriced for a card table!
This desk chair was very Restoration Hardware like but I didn't want to spend $80 on it. If I have to spend that much, I'd rather put $80 towards a new genuine one from Restoration Hardware.


Hena Tayeb said...

some great finds.. I hate having to leave treasures behind.

Erin said...

Me too! Me too! So hard to walk away!