Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend deets

I can breathe a little easier and sleep a bit tighter because I received word that Lee arrived safely in Afghanistan. I 100% hate not being able to talk to him everyday and going days without a peep even by email from him seems unjust but I totally understand. I had a small crybaby fest before bed last night but it didn't last long. I try not to dwell on the empty side of our bed for too long but it's more difficult when these timezones make you feel even further apart, ya know?

I did have a lengthy email from Lee yesterday when I woke up though. He says he's still not assigned to a room yet. They're in transition and trying to maneuver the guys they're replacing out, etc. He has his fingers crossed that he doesn't end up in a 3-person room but the odds aren't looking to be in his favor. Until he gets his room assignment, he's sharing a large tent full of bunk beds with a bunch of other guys. Sounds very MASH to me. Ha! Remember that show? Lee says Afghanistan is incredibly dusty and that is to be expected but it has still gotta be weird when it's not what you're used to breathing! I wonder if you ever feel clean?

Checkout the fun new skinnies I scored over the weekend. Super pumped about the crimson pair. The red looks a lot brighter than they really are in person. They're more crimson/burgundy and they'll be perfect for football season. Boomer Sooner! 1st game is this weekend. Sooooo excited. However, I won't be attending. I'm taking a road trip to see Lee's Nana. She'll be 95 years old this week! How awesome is that?!
I painted my yellow door black this past weekend. We had our realtor come to our house not too long ago and that's the only thing he wasn't keen on keeping when we go to sell our home when Lee gets back. This pic is after the 1st coat of paint. I finished the 2nd coat last night. I used a high gloss black:
Our porch is so weird. The door is inset and then there is a huge covered space out to one side. I can't decide what to do to it. I'm thinking about adding a porch swing and a potting bench to fill with succulents and florals. I think that would be amaze balls. A potting bench similar to this and I would expose the back so my brick would peek through.
I got a mani/pedi before working in the yard over the weekend too. Backwards, I know. It's been so hot here and our water was being rationed. With the sprinkler system turned off and my lack of a manual watering routine, my flower beds are a bit squirrely. I'm lucky when it comes to our yard though. We got a bit of rain over the weekend and the grass is already 50 shades greyer greener. I took advantage of the weather and got busy outside. It's going to take forever hauling 10 stones at a time in my car because I refuse to carry more than that in my car's trunk but I think the stone edging will be a big step forward in curb appeal. Ignore the black lining and unkempt bed. I told you it was squirrely. We have retired neighbors that spend hours each day on their yard and I know they miss Lee being home simply being that he ensures the yard gets watered! 
I really do enjoy working in the yard but have let it go big time. The yard def hasn't been a priority but I'm ready to make it one.

My aunt and uncle are building a house, REMEMBER? They have an open floor plan and my auntie wants hard wood floors but she's not crazy about having them in the kitchen. She's thinking about doing tile throughout the living room and kitchen only because she's worried about having 2 different types of flooring in an open floor plan. I found a way to easily marry the 2 and still keep the rustic feel she's wanting. She can do solid wood flooring in all open areas and then do a wood/tile combination in the kitchen. See design board below for some options I put together with the combo flooring:
 And random. I came across this beautiful picture on The Daybook and I'm obsessing over Sydney's outfit. That blue pleated maxi skirt is from Urban Outfitters. It's on sale now and they only have a small instock. I am NOT a small person.
AND Kate from Centsational Girl gave me a shoutout on Sunday for giving her an FYI that Design Oklahom wrote an article about her. Thanks, Kate!

Happy Monday!

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