Thursday, August 9, 2012

have nots @ ross

Earlier I mentioned my treasures I took home from Ross during lunch yesterday. Here's what I decided not to take home!
I really liked this chair but I can't imagine bringing another flag into our home that isn't our own. And Lee would prob "toss his lunch" if I did. We're very patriotic if you haven't caught on yet;)
Still cute to admire:

I don't practice Buddhism but isn't Buddha just the happiest looking fella? He's trying to raise the roof at a party here:

Even with the peeled off layer that I could fix and prob score at discount, I couldn't talk myself into buying this knockoff:
You know I'm a fan of dog art from my post HERE  and even though I passed on the price, I saw a funny version of a doggy profile dressed in armor that made me swoon this past weekend. Therefore, it should be no surprise that I lingered in front of this next gem. I almost bought it just to have on hand for someone or gift it to one of my hunt-loving family members with bird dogs but I passed. I totally would have bought if it were of Westies with no hesitation. Part of me wants to go back and get it.

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