Friday, August 3, 2012

o baby

I thought this day would never get here.
Coop and I are headed to the lake house after work to spend the weekend with my family. My mom and I are going to Texas tomorrow to do some shopping. I hope to find some fillers for the new brass shelves. And I need some new slacks for work but talking about buying stuff for the house is more fun. Always.
One of my besties told me last night that they are expecting baby #2. I couldn't be more excited for them. They have an adorable little boy now so I hope #2 is a girl.  I can then spoil her with tutus and lip gloss. 
I'm extra excited about the baby's arrival too because I know shortly after the birth Lee will be home and we can start thinking about growing our own family. Then of course this got me to thinking about decorating for a nursery in our home. Typical me, right?
Here's what I'm thinking for a gender neutral nursery since we would want to wait to find out:

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