Wednesday, August 15, 2012

woot woot

Lee was able to get dismissed from mobilization early today and scored an earlier flight to get him home sooner. 6 hours sooner!!! Flexing my work schedule today to pick him up early. Excited doesn't begin to describe how pumped I am about seeing him!

Here's a few things I'm hiding in Lee's ruck sack when he leaves on Sunday:

Remember my ugly cry while getting his wall decor laminated this past weekend? The decor will hang on the wall beside his bed in Afghanistan...beside his OU flag of course. Boomer Sooner! I gave you a peek while I was working on it but here it is completed. It's quite large in person.
BIG thanks to all of our family and friends that responded to my request for cards. I know this will be a welcome surprise when Lee gets to Afghanistan and starts unpacking.
SPECIAL thanks to Mrs. Kimberly's kindergarten class for their adorable thank you cards to Lee. He'll love these too and they are incredibly sweet to read.

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